Monday, March 30, 2015

so goodnight, sweetheart, goodnight

Iconic science fiction actor Leonard Nimoy passed away last February 27th.

Art by John Harris, via 70s Sci-Fi Art.

As his character Spock, Nimoy could truly be said to be the 'face' of science fiction, especially in the seventies.

Art by Jean Giraud, aka Moebius. Read an article on his work here.

Science fiction art has been a lifelong inspiration for the wonder | wander | women, helping us stretch the capacity of our imagination and leaving lasting images in our consciousness.

Art by Michael Whelan, from his website.

Like scenes from Star Trek, we still vividly recall the covers of our favourite paperback novels by writers like Asimov, Bradbury, Harlan Ellison, Anne McCaffrey and Diane Duane, several of whom also wrote for the Star Trek franchise.

Read about Michael Whelan's amazing career here.

In our little farming town on our small island, we could only imagine the sweeping adventures the Enterprise crew embarked on. Space fascinated us, in fact and fiction, but more than that we loved the stories of characters faced with extraordinary situations, and their very human responses.

Star Trek concept art by Chris Moore 

The most lasting images Leonard Nimoy left me were from his directing, not his acting. One of my favourite childhood films was Three Men and a Baby, which cemented early ideas of New York as the perfect glamorous place to live. On Nimoy's passing Tom Selleck paid tribute to him in an interview, revealing that our icon of cool alien logic was a warm-hearted man able to tap into the most profound human emotions, as in this scene:

Goodnight Mr. Nimoy, and thank you.

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