Friday, September 26, 2014

Mahala's illustrated book

The eagerly anticipated book of Mahala’s illustrations is finally out. Published by Tahanan Books, the launch was held Wednesday, September 24 at 3:30 p.m. at the Manila Polo Club in the Philippines.

 Mahala Urra, book illustrator

The title of the book is WHAT MY GRANDMOTHER TOLD ME: Practical Wisdom from Spanish Proverbs and Sayings, written by Maria Paz (Chiqui) Weir. It is a compilation of original family anecdotes in Spanish and translated in English.

Book Author, Chiqui Weir
Maria Paz Eleizugui Weir (or 'Tita Chiqui' as she is known) lived with her Spanish grandmother in the Philippines from the ages of four to twelve. At 12 she left for the US, where she now resides.

She wanted to write a semi-autobiographical children's book illustrating her grandmother's fondness for using Spanish proverbs as life advice.

Book Designer, Aurie Yambao
Tahanan Books Sales Manager, Josie Castro

A college friend of Mahala's, Frances Ong, is lead editor at Tahanan Books and she saw something she liked on Mahala's art blog Peregrinalia. She got in touch and they discussed the new book.

Del dicho al hecho, hay mucho trecho.
Between what is said and what is done there exists a very wide distance.
Cria fama y hecha te a dormir.
Establish a good reputation first, then go to sleep/take a rest.
No te ahoges en un vaso de agua
Don’t allow yourself to drown in a glass of water

Mahala submitted a few sample proverbs and a comp to illustrate them. She got the job and soon emails were flying between Manila, our home town of Bacolod, and Seattle, the overseas branch of Tahanan Books. 

Mahala, Didit, Fran and Reni just before lunch.
The spread prepared by T. Didit - chicken/mashed potato pastel 
with vegetable noodles and squash soup
T. Didit loved our new stationery!

On July 2012 Mahala met with Fran and Reni Roxas (owner, Tahanan Books), and one of Tita Chiqui's Filipino cousins, Tita Didit, to gather material for this creative endeavor. Being Filipino, the afternoon involved a lot of food, stories and laughter. 

Inspecting and cataloging vintage family photos.

The stories originated with Lola Pacita, great-aunt of Didit and Reni and Tita Chiqui's grandmother. The author herself was in the US and attended our meetings via Skype. 

Some of our favourite illustrations for the book

Many meetings, emails and pushed back deadlines later. . . .this baby is born! 

The book is available at Tahanan Books, National Bookstore and Fully Booked

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